Rose Quartz Bracelet (18mm Beads)


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Love and harmony are yours with this beautiful large-format beauty. Crafted from natural translucent pink beads, these adornments date back to 6000 BC. It radiates sweetness and pure love. Rose quartz is the number one stone for fostering love, heart-centered energy and harmony in relationships, and is associated with the Heart Chakra. When worn with intentions, its energy is believed to help purify and open the heart at all levels and encourages Compassion, Forgiveness, Self-Trust, Unconditional love, Self-love, Mother love, Friendship, Romantic love and Platonic love and act as an ally when we are working to heal difficult emotions, heartbreak or grief. This bracelet is the perfect talisman to bring the vibration of love & peace, and new beginnings to your life. Keep it around, day and night.

Bead Size: 18mm

Modelled on an 152.4 mm/ 6-inch wrist.

Chakras – Heart Chakra

Alternative Birthstone: January

Wedding Anniversary: 5th year

For millennia, humans have used crystals and gems to protect themselves from negative energies, harmonize their environment and amplify healing powers by wearing their birthstones during their birth month.

Each piece contains the highest quality gemstones we could source, are carefully strung, and are a unique aesthetic statement. They have all been have been blessed with Reiki energy and healing intentions. Unlock the power of these ancient stones and gems to aid in the protection and balance of yourself, your home and your loved ones today!

Additional information

Care of Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz is a hard mineral (Quartz family), but prolonged submersion can damage the stone. Warm, soapy water, then drying it, is a safe method for cleaning rose quartz. Cleaning with ultrasonic and steam cleaners should be avoided. See more about cleansing and charging your crystals in the Free Tools on the Resources Page.

More Info

1) If you are not completely satisfied, please contact Nyle at [email protected] within 30 days of delivery to arrange a return of your item for a full refund or exchange of for an I Am My Best service or item of equal value or greater value.
2) This piece contains the highest quality gemstones we could source, and are carefully strung. It is normal wear and tear for the strings to eventually break. We currently not offer restringing.
3) This item has been have been blessed with Reiki energy and healing intentions.
4) Please note that photos are for reference purposes only. Due to the nature of crystals, all beads will vary slightly in shape, size, colour and pattern.


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