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Let’s work together to cultivate a life of fulfillment and purpose, enrich your life with healthier connections, and strive for unprecedented heights in your professional career. I Am My Best Coaching Inc. provides coaching, workshops, assessments, and wellness services designed to help you manifest your best, most authentic and aligned life.

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You deserve every golden opportunity and more. It's time to go for it. No guilt. No hesitation. Shift away from what isn't working and step into that lit path, knowing that it is aligned and that you deserve this.

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Most services can be conducted in person or via Zoom, depending on the client’s location and/or preferences. Please note that Nyle is not a therapist or a counsellor, and training or coaching sessions at I Am My Best Coaching Inc. should not be considered an alternative to professional medical help.

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Emotional Intelligence, Values & Leadership Assessments

These highly validated and reliable psychometric tests can give you insight into your emotional intelligence, drivers, energy vampires, leadership potential, and general well-being, whether for personal or professional growth. These evaluations assist you in identifying and developing strategies or methods to improve your interactions, energy, concentration, decisions, settings, and procedures at work or home.

Receive your confidential report after completing your assessment online in 15-20 minutes, and attend a subsequent debriefing to learn more about your findings, pinpoint possible growth areas, and collaborate on subsequent steps.

Select one of the tests listed below to discover your potential, or arrange a free 30-minute consultation (can you make this a hyperlink for people to book) now to determine which test is right for you.

EQ-i 2.0 Workplace/Personal Assessment & Debrief | $305.00

This assessment helps you improve your relationship with yourself and others around you, leading to increase self-awareness in terms of identifying areas for growth and leveraging your strengths to achieve new goals. This is highly recommended for employees, team members, and work-from-home parents or caregivers.

EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Assessment & Debrief | $385.00

This report can be useful to leaders who want to bring about changes in their organization, team, community, and family. It also contributes to personal growth and development and evaluates important leadership traits like authenticity, coaching, insight, and innovation.

EQ-i 2.0 Group Assessment & Debrief | $445.00

Leaders looking to transform their business, team, community, family life, and their own growth and development can benefit from this report. It measures key qualities of leaders such as authenticity, coaching, insight, and innovation.

EQ 360 Workplace Assessment & Debrief | $445.00

This report includes the client’s workplace self-report of their EQ-i 2.0 results, as well as the scores of their raters. A great way to get honest and anonymous feedback from managers, peers, direct reports, friends, or family.

EQ 360 Leadership Assessment & Debrief | $545.00

This report contains both the raters' ratings and the client's Leadership self-report of their EQ-i 2.0 results. It is a great method to enable your team to give you frank and anonymous feedback about your leadership abilities.

DRiV Leadership Report & 1 Hour Debrief | $315.00

The DRiV measures our motives, values, and habits – our drivers – to help us become better leaders, stronger team players, and more satisfied and productive in our lives. This report is one of the best and most accurate self-reflective psychometric tools that help increase self-awareness and make sense of what drives/energizes us the most and what drains/zaps our energy the most. It’s a scientifically validated development tool that goes beyond basic self-awareness to help you understand the why behind the what. It looks at what you are passionate about, where you most want to/tend to focus your energy, and what you expect from yourself and others.

Youth Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI-YV) & 1 hr Debrief (Ages 6-17) | $189.00

With the help of this report, young people and adults who have a big influence on their lives can assess their emotional intelligence and how it affects things like general health, relationships, life satisfaction, personal success, and self-efficacy.


Whether it’s about your business, job, relationships or any facet of your personal or professional life, I provide a confidential, compassionate, supportive environment for you to share your challenges, stories and goals. I work with you on honing your intentions, attitude, skillsets and talents to create a clear path to move through it all, along with guidance, strategies and tools to help you get to where you want and deserve to go.

Both in-person and online coaching sessions are accessible through Zoom.

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Free 30-minute Consultation Call

Speak with Nyle for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to determine which service is right for you and how I Am My Best Coaching can help you achieve your goals. Get started and contact Nyle now.

Get Started Coaching Package -
3 x 1-hour sessions

This includes three sessions of 60 minutes each. Sometimes, all it takes to inspire you to make adjustments is one session. But when carefully planned, this number of sessions is frequently sufficient to give you the self-awareness and goal-setting momentum you need to start making changes in your life.

See Results Coaching Package –
5 x 1-hour sessions

This includes five sessions of 60 minutes each. When strategically planned, this package is frequently sufficient to give you the self-awareness and goal-setting clarity you require to help you plan, schedule, and take action on your goals. You will start noticing and feeling a difference in your life, begin achieving the desired results, and have the clarity of mind to evaluate what is and isn't working. The ultimate goal is to increase self-accountability.

One-To-One Coaching

60-minute Coaching Session: $160

Each coaching session is customized to your specific needs to give you the most targeted and focussed support and provide you with key tools that help you make the necessary shifts and take action on what’s most important. Coaching is like a living, breathing journal that tracks, supports and keeps you accountable every step of the way.

Accountability Coaching Package – 12 x 1-hour sessions | $1599.00 ($1920.00 Value)

Scheduling 1 coaching session a month (or more often) can help keep you in check and on track with your goals and intentions.

Couples or Family Coaching

60-minute Coaching Session: $250

Each coaching session is customized to each of your specific needs to give you the most targeted and focussed support and provide you with key emotional intelligence & relational intelligence tools to bring harmony, compassion, clear & effective communication, accountability and understanding between you.

Group or Team Coaching (3+ People)

60-minute Coaching Session: $295

Each coaching session is customized to your group’s specific needs to give you the most targeted and focused support. Each session provides you with key emotional intelligence tools that help your group cultivate more synergy, accountability, effective communication and understanding to help you all make any necessary shifts and take action on what’s most important.

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Booking & Payment Details

  • Each client is asked to sign a standard coaching contract and waiver form.
  • Coaching sessions can be conducted via phone, Zoom, or in person (depending on your location).
  • All sessions are payable at the time of booking.
  • If you have pre-paid for a one-hour coaching session, this session may be divided into two 30-minute sessions upon request if your time is limited that day.
  • All prices are in Canadian $ and include GST
  • Cancellation Policy: Please contact Nyle at [email protected] to cancel or reschedule your coaching session. You will be entitled to a full refund if you cancel a session 24 hours prior to the scheduled date.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds or full credit for prepaid Coaching, Cupping, or Reiki sessions will be given if requested at least 24 hours prior to the session. No refunds will be given for completed sessions.


This ancient form of Japanese energy healing is a risk-free, primarily non-touch therapy that supports physical, mental, and emotional recovery. Certain hand and crystal placements channel the Reiki, activating your energy systems as you lie down comfortably in a serene environment. Reiki can be conducted via distance, on Zoom or in-person. Reiki can be conducted via distance, on Zoom, or in person. Both in-person and remote sessions have the same impact.

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose, treat, or give medication, nor is Reiki a replacement for medical care. In the event that you have any health issues, please see a doctor.

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Rates & Packages

30 minutes | $65.00

60 minutes | $95.00

90 minutes | $110.00

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Pet Reiki

Our animal friends deserve so much joy and love. Pet Reiki is a holistic healing modality that uses energy to restore balance and promote animal well-being. It is a gentle, non-invasive technique that works on the animal's physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels. Reiki can help reduce stress and anxiety, promote recovery from illness or injury, promote emotional healing from trauma, and be comforting for end-of-life care. Pet Reiki sessions for cats or dogs can be given in person and remotely for any animal and can be adapted to any animal's needs, regardless of age or species.

We strive to conduct a full 30-minute session, but it may be shorter depending on the animal’s needs during the session.

Up to 30 minutes - $65.00


Cupping is an ancient healing therapy used to relax tense muscles, relieve arthritic pain, reduce trigger point pain, tissue changes, and inflammation following trauma, decompress adhesions and scar tissue, and quickly maximize the pain-free range of motion. Cumulative treatments can increase muscle endurance, circulation, and lymphatic drainage, enhance the overall ability to recover from workouts and strenuous activity, and even reduce the grade of cellulite on the body.

It can be applied on the back, hips, shoulders, neck area, stomach, legs, or arms. A lymphatic awareness assessment is included prior to your cupping treatment to enhance lymphatic flow.

45 minutes - $65.00

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Coaching session in the group

Training & Workshops

I Am My Best Coaching Inc. offers a wide variety of training programs and workshops uniquely tailored to your individual needs. Connect with Nyle for a free 30-minute consultation call to learn more or set up customized training sessions or workshops in one of these areas.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotionally Effective Leader
  • Train the Trainer
  • Growth Mindset & Brain Rewiring
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Communication
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building
  • Holistic Wellness Strategies
  • Self-Confidence, Assertiveness & Boundaries
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I highly recommend using Nyle Beck to facilitate growth and development with your group. Her professional and gentle demeanor is calming as she helps individuals discover and navigate through their own Emotional Intelligence and how it impacts their lived experiences. It has definitely opened my eyes and changed some of my behaviors/reactions as a professional, parent and partner. You will not be disappointed!!!

Heather Friesen

Nyle has an incredible healing gift. Her beautiful space in Kits is welcoming, warm and transformative.

I love getting her Energy treatments, they truly help me re-set my nervous system. I find that I run full-throttle in my life (not exactly the way I want to run) and Nyle's treatments allow me to settle, breathe and get beck to restoring my sense of self. She has a way about her that reminds me of all my good qualities, never judges me and allows me to see the light when everything seems a bit dark.

Michelle Addison

I appreciate Nyle's expertise and knowledge in her field of Emotional Intelligence with her walkthrough of my SEI test. Nyle clearly identified my strengths and areas to improve, and coached me through the results in a motivating manner with wisdom, warmth, openness, honesty and enthusiasm! She provided and challenged me through her coaching with a thorough, transformative and clear action plan to become a person who can be more effective, authentic and inviting in my daily relationships and activities, both on my own and with others, with a focus on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and while maintaining a balance in life/health.

Cheryl R.

Nyle is an exceptional reiki healer. She is kind, calm, professional and is highly intuitive. I found her sessions incredibly helpful during and after my cancer journey. Every session my heart felt lighter and I had a greater, more centered sense of self. Nyle is deeply connected to herself which in turn makes her an amazing healer. I would highly recommend her services.

Cindy - West Vancouver, BC

Nyle's EQ assessment has improved the way I do things every day. She clearly pointed out my strengths and weaknesses and helped me understand them. She patiently worked with me to improve my weakness. In the past year and a half of interacting with her, she has provided valuable life-changing advice and insights into many situations I encountered. She has been a great life coach, EQ mentor, teacher, and friend to me. I am forever grateful for her help, advice, experience, insight, wisdom, and friendship.

“Inner Practitioner”, Zon Jan

@mindtendencies - Twitter, Instagram

I am learning so much about myself! This new understanding of why I do and say the things I do is all attributed to my introduction to EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Nyle's passion for EQ (Emotional Intelligence) exudes through her every pore! Her enthusiasm and energy, in helping me discover my gifts and working on a plan for my future, is boundless. Nyle's warmth, honesty, openness and non-judgement shows me she deeply cares. I've seen her first-hand command a room, without losing any sense of inclusivity, and having all in attendance be connected and feel heard. Nyle is an amazing coach, MY amazing coach! She's one-of-a-kind and someone you want in your life too!


I have met with Nyle three times. Three different sessions. Each session better than the last. I experienced quite a few epiphanies. The space provided allowed me to feel comfortable sharing. This allowed me to reach some conclusions about my healing. I feel without these three sessions I may not have been ever able to see, or at least see as soon, what was truly underneath. The healing that resulted is quite profound; it affects more than me it affects those around me and my family. It affects those I work with and those I come into contact with on a daily basis. If you get a chance to have a session with Nyle, I would jump at the opportunity.


I wanted to thank you so very much for being such a great instructor in this program – you are amazing! I love great teachers and you certainly are one. Your love of teaching shines through and the way you treat everyone so magnificently shows how much you enjoy your work. Wow! I’m so impressed . . . I’m telling everyone about you!

Lorraine A.

I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Nyle Beck at I Am My Best Coaching & Consulting and the EQ-i leadership assessment. I had asked Nyle to give this assessment to all our senior leadership and sales staff. The information we got beck was invaluable for us as we were then able to see the strengths and how we could focus those and the weaknesses of ourselves and what we needed to try to be able grow. I would absolutely recommend Nyle and the EQ-i Leadership Assessment.

Sam J. Feldman, Senior Vice President, Managing Partner, BELL DAVIDSON INSURANCE BROKERS LTD.

Nyle Beck is an intuitive healer with experience and skill. She has a very grounding energy and kind soul. I highly recommend Nyle for Reiki and/or Life Coaching!

Dr. B

I would highly recommend Nyle beck as coach and “healer.” She has a unique ability to “see” each individual’s potential and can help identify patterns or stumbling blocks that might hold them beck. She combines a loving, nonjudgmental approach with evidence-based strategies to help guide us to our highest, most enlightened version of ourselves.