It's Time to Step Into Your Power

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Whatever your challenges or goals are, Nyle with I Am My Best Coaching Inc. offers solutions to be your best, do your best, and feel your best.

Customized coaching, workshops, wellness strategies and tools to help you live your best life and realize your full potential.

Nyle Beck

It's Time to Live Your Best Life

I Am My Best Coaching Inc. goes beyond traditional coaching and personal and professional development strategies and beliefs. Nyle works with each client to co-create a personalized process and develop a set of goals and calls-to-action, supporting individuals, couples, families, professionals and teams achieve success.

It’s time to level up and step into your power,

To embrace your authenticity,

To face yourself, accept yourself, build yourself,

To shed what doesn't serve,

To align with your life purpose,

It's time to manifest the life that's yours to live.

I Am My Best Coaching Inc
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Whether your goal is to:

  • Build healthier relationships,
  • Improve your energy,
  • Elevate your self-confidence,
  • Clarify your life-path,
  • Communicate, problem-solve or resolve conflict more effectively,
  • Manage stress,
  • Strategize an optimal path through major life-transitions,
  • Become better-connected with your authentic self,
  • Cultivate more peace, joy and love in your life,
  • Implement workplace team-building, leadership training or
  • Improve your productivity or workplace morale,

I Am My Best is committed to helping you optimize your potential through coaching, training, consulting, guided self-exploration, emotional intelligence applications, psychometric assessments and results-driven wellness strategies and tools.

I Am My Best Coaching Inc

Some of Our Past Clients

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I highly recommend using Nyle Beck to facilitate growth and development with your group. Her professional and gentle demeanor is calming as she helps individuals discover and navigate through their own Emotional Intelligence and how it impacts their lived experiences. It has definitely opened my eyes and changed some of my behaviors/reactions as a professional, parent and partner. You will not be disappointed!!!

Heather Friesen

Nyle has an incredible healing gift. Her beautiful space in Kits is welcoming, warm and transformative.

I love getting her Energy treatments, they truly help me re-set my nervous system. I find that I run full-throttle in my life (not exactly the way I want to run) and Nyle's treatments allow me to settle, breathe and get beck to restoring my sense of self. She has a way about her that reminds me of all my good qualities, never judges me and allows me to see the light when everything seems a bit dark.

Michelle Addison

I appreciate Nyle's expertise and knowledge in her field of Emotional Intelligence with her walkthrough of my SEI test. Nyle clearly identified my strengths and areas to improve, and coached me through the results in a motivating manner with wisdom, warmth, openness, honesty and enthusiasm! She provided and challenged me through her coaching with a thorough, transformative and clear action plan to become a person who can be more effective, authentic and inviting in my daily relationships and activities, both on my own and with others, with a focus on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and while maintaining a balance in life/health.


Nyle is an exceptional reiki healer. She is kind, calm, professional and is highly intuitive. I found her sessions incredibly helpful during and after my cancer journey. Every session my heart felt lighter and I had a greater, more centered sense of self. Nyle is deeply connected to herself which in turn makes her an amazing healer. I would highly recommend her services.

Cindy - West Vancouver, BC

Nyle's EQ assessment has improved the way I do things every day. She clearly pointed out my strengths and weaknesses and helped me understand them. She patiently worked with me to improve my weakness. In the past year and a half of interacting with her, she has provided valuable life-changing advice and insights into many situations I encountered. She has been a great life coach, EQ mentor, teacher, and friend to me. I am forever grateful for her help, advice, experience, insight, wisdom, and friendship.

“Inner Practitioner”, Zon Jan

@mindtendencies - Twitter, Instagram

I am learning so much about myself! This new understanding of why I do and say the things I do is all attributed to my introduction to EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Nyle's passion for EQ (Emotional Intelligence) exudes through her every pore! Her enthusiasm and energy, in helping me discover my gifts and working on a plan for my future, is boundless. Nyle's warmth, honesty, openness and non-judgement shows me she deeply cares. I've seen her first-hand command a room, without losing any sense of inclusivity, and having all in attendance be connected and feel heard. Nyle is an amazing coach, MY amazing coach! She's one-of-a-kind and someone you want in your life too!


I have met with Nyle three times. Three different sessions. Each session better than the last. I experienced quite a few epiphanies. The space provided allowed me to feel comfortable sharing. This allowed me to reach some conclusions about my healing. I feel without these three sessions I may not have been ever able to see, or at least see as soon, what was truly underneath. The healing that resulted is quite profound; it affects more than me it affects those around me and my family. It affects those I work with and those I come into contact with on a daily basis. If you get a chance to have a session with Nyle, I would jump at the opportunity.


I wanted to thank you so very much for being such a great instructor in this program – you are amazing! I love great teachers and you certainly are one. Your love of teaching shines through and the way you treat everyone so magnificently shows how much you enjoy your work. Wow! I’m so impressed . . . I’m telling everyone about you!

Lorraine A.

I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Nyle Beck at I Am My Best Coaching & Consulting and the EQ-i leadership assessment. I had asked Nyle to give this assessment to all our senior leadership and sales staff. The information we got beck was invaluable for us as we were then able to see the strengths and how we could focus those and the weaknesses of ourselves and what we needed to try to be able grow. I would absolutely recommend Nyle and the EQ-i Leadership Assessment.

Sam J. Feldman, Senior Vice President, Managing Partner, BELL DAVIDSON INSURANCE BROKERS LTD.

Nyle Beck is an intuitive healer with experience and skill. She has a very grounding energy and kind soul. I highly recommend Nyle for Reiki and/or Life Coaching!

Dr. B

I would highly recommend Nyle beck as coach and “healer.” She has a unique ability to “see” each individual’s potential and can help identify patterns or stumbling blocks that might hold them beck. She combines a loving, nonjudgmental approach with evidence-based strategies to help guide us to our highest, most enlightened version of ourselves.